Artist Statement

Through multiple applications of painting, metal leafing, and pouring resin, each of my panels gain depth, transparency, and dimensionality. My work manifests meditations in visual display. Inspired by universal truths and formative experiences, I find resonating images or phrases in which to draw strength. I engage myself in repetitive tasks that clear my mind and bring me to a centered present. Rendering strictly from memory allows my subconscious and interpretation to become my creation.

My current work of koi fish are inspired by their symbolic meaning of “prosperity through perseverance.” After creating the images, I looked into the species further. Although my creations easily read as koi, the fin structure is more that of a beta fish and the head’s skeletal structure is more reptilian than water-dwelling. My subconscious added two fighters to the vegetarian carp. The patterned fish scales created a great opportunity for methodical application, a soothing form of my meditative practice. The small tactile circular finger motions of applying metal leaf do this as well.

Feathers have also currently caught my fascination. I see them as a visual form of weightlessness and letting go. When dipped in ink and given parchment, they can serve as a time capsule for one’s thoughts.